Camping in the Sticks


Camping can be done at many parks


At one point

At one point in everyone's lives, they have to try camping in the sticks. There's something about having to boil your own water that can make you into a real trouper.


There's a certain

There's a certain amount of affinity that we all have to being outdoors. There are even antidepressants in the soil when you touch them. The sticks can be a magical place where you reconnect with yourself and nature again. Camping info here.


The sticks

The sticks are where you can really invent yourself. You can take a cold plunge into the non-heated lake and feel that you are emotionally recharging.

Light A Fire

You can light a fire and be caught outside in the wild beauty as you roast your supper. The sticks are where you can go back to who you really are, and this is a primal being. Your feelings might come out as you disconnect from your devices because there is no WiFi. Let them come out and overwhelm you. Sit in them until you have found the solution. Camping Info here. 

Excited about our road

Back In The Days

Back in the days of old and still now, science used to be primarily a practice of observing nature. You would go out and make an observation and write it down. This is the way that many people have discovered their paths forward in their career. Even now, some of the best discoveries are made in science. Get to know about kajakk here

Fast Forward

Fast forward to your camping experience, and you might sit out there roasting a marshmellow and contemplating life only to have such an experience. It is a worthy endeavor to try. You may not discover the cure to cancer when you are out camping, but you will feel refreshed. Find more info about here campingutstyr.

Into the woods
This camping

There Is Something

There is something about nature that allows you to take it all in. If you’re ever in need of some antidepressants, you can allows get down and get your hands in the soil for extra good measure. Get kajakk kristiansand here.